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DBMS design


Database Design: Choosing a Primary Key

Annotation A good model and a proper database design form the foundation of an information system. Building the data layer is often the first critical step towards implementing a new system, and getting it right requires attention to detail and a whole lot of careful planning. A database, like any computer system, is a model of a small piece of the real world. And, like any model, it’s a narrow representation that disregards much of the complexity of the real thing.

AuthorMuthusamy Anantha Kumar

UNIQUE Column with multiple NULL values

Annotation As you know, when you create a UNIQUE constraint on a nullable column, SQL Server allows only one NULL value, thereby maintaining the UNIQUEness. However, there are situations when we need more than one NULL value in the column but still have to maintain uniqueness, ignoring all those NULL values.

AuthorLouis Davidson

Ten Common Database Design Mistakes

Annotation No list of mistakes is ever going to be exhaustive. People (myself included) do a lot of really stupid things, at times, in the name of "getting it done." This list simply reflects the database design mistakes that are currently on my mind, or in some cases, constantly on my mind.


Comparison chart of free databases: MySQL 5, SQL Server 2005 Express, and Oracle 10g Express

Annotation If you're trying to choose between the recently released MySQL 5.0, SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, and the beta version of Oracle 10g Express Edition, this quick side-by-side comparison will help you sort out the features.

AuthorGeert Vanhove

Clustered Indexes in SQL Server: Things You Need to Know

Annotation This article covers a few, more advanced topics about the usage of clustered indexes in SQL Server. Not only will I try to convince you of the absolute necessity of using clustered indexes, I'll also give you some tips on how to use them in a not so obvious context.

AuthorDon Peterson

Lookup Table Madness

Annotation Are you mad? Not angry, more like crazy when it comes to designing databases in SQL Server? Don Peterson has met a few people he thinks are just that when it comes to building lookup tables. Does it stem from poor understanding of database design? Or do you disagree? Read Don's case against this particular design practice.

AuthorBrian Walker

A surrogate key architecture to perform powerful database operations.

AnnotationThis technical advice feature goes beyond rhetoric and describes a proposed surrogate key architecture. It also provides several T-SQL tools to support the architecture.

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